B.G. Turner


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Jette - a (romance) novel to nibble on ....

"You jog?" Stunned, I looked at the well-groomed Sabine. Her long red fingernails, the cropped blonde hair, the mascaraed eyelashes, the black miniskirt and the tight-fitting zebra top. Try as I might, I couldn't imagine her in a baggy jogging suit, sweating and wearing flat sneakers.
"Of course," she said, cutting my thoughts. "You can't get something from nothing."
"But why?" I asked, still surprised.
"Why? Well, I just feel good when I've gotten rid of the stress of the day. Running is a lot of liberation and I also think I have better career opportunities."
"Better career opportunities," I echoed, perplexed. I couldn't help it. I stared at her butt, admiring that her jogging had yielded respectable results. Jogging. Did that help against my extra pounds? Maybe I should try it. But would I lose weight in the right places?
A firm butt would be nice, but I would actually like to keep my well-shaped breasts. Other women have had implants placed for a larger cup size. One heard the craziest stories of bursting silicone breasts and squinting nipples. Luckily I didn't need that. I could hide the stomach and the chubby waist with longer sweaters, so that the love handles were also hidden.