B.G. Turner


B.G. Turner

B.G. Turner has led an international company as managing partner for many years. As a part-time job, she played a leading role in the establishment of privately initiated day care centers and, as chairwoman, achieved recognition by the municipality and its financial participation. Working for and with children may have led to a new professional challenge, among other things: writing novels.

Her debut novel "Lenny of the Lake - The Source" is a politically motivated fairy tale inspired by a newspaper article about Romanian children's homes. Touched by the misery of these orphans, she wanted to get involved, to shine a bright light on the unbelievable suffering of these children, the traumatic consequences of which will accompany them until the end of their lives.

The idea took shape - in the form of a novel. Don't expect a political story, it isn't. In order to defuse the difficult topic, fantasy seemed like the right genre for her.
Thus was born "Lenny of the Lake", a modern fairy tale that begins in the 1970s.

The magically tender romance about Pete, Alba and their son Lenny immediately found enthusiastic fans and was continued in the second volume "Lenny vom See - Flusslande". Volume 3 "Wildwasser" is finished and Volume 4 is in preparation.

B.G. Turner lives near Hanover and has been involved in animal welfare for over 30 years. Her Great Danes are almost as dear to her as her sons.